This mixed use project focuses on a central spine in order to create new spaces for social relations, a commercial floor guarantees a living space during the day whereas the upper residential floors avoid the death of this space during the closing hours of the shops.
Venice-like walls in the alley separate the public space from the private gardens but by being low they allow to keep an "eye on the sidewalk" for safety reasons.
On the right hand side: residences with private gardens (this area's recurring typology). On the left hand side: commercial activities, public underground parking between the existing railway and the new neighborhood.
Masterplan 2
By mixing different residential typologies and services (condos, single-family dwellings, public buildings) this project tries to avoid a "purpose built" neighborhood and the consequential isolation of a single social class.
Every single planned activity in the new neighborhood had been evaluated by analyzing traffic flows and existing needs of the area.