Bird’s eye view of Venice, a woodcut. Jacopo de’ Barbari 1500

The one and only online and Hi-Res version of "Jacopo De'Barbari, View of Venice" is finally available online here! Part of the "Culture should be available to everyone" serie.
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L'unica versione ad alta definizione della veduta di Venezia di Jacopo De'Barbari è finalmente online qui! Parte della serie "La Cultura a disposizione di tutti".
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Attractor/Refractor Matteo Salval 2009

Rhinoscripting got more and more attention in the last 5 years than ever before. I personally think that programming opens a variety of possibilities to design. Not unlike learning a new language, the process of getting to know a new way to express an idea compels us to explore that same idea with previously unknown methods and from different angles. It is a long process, true, so was the introduction of CAD into the architectural practice, but worth exploring in my opinion. Here some links to very useful websites:

Core.form-ula : the collaborative platform between Pratt Institute, Culumbia University and AA among others. Plenty of resources for architects and designers and cutting edge research.

ParaMod.net : digital sketchbook devoted to parametric and digital modeling, BIM, and the creation and description of complex form (description from the blog itself).

Supermanoeuvre : design and social data, architecture and gene structure. Really interesting practice.

THEVERYMANY : THE website for RhinoScript afficionados. Marc Fornes provides mindblowing structures and concept. He is the guy... Really.

Monkey for Rhino : What can save your butt when you are trying to learn RhinoScript and all you can do is scream during sleepless nights? Well, Monkey doesn't do miracles but at least keeps your code organized. Nice compiler.

Code & Form : It did not see an uptade for a while, but this is a good repository for code sharing.


The Biennale, joy and pain of every Architect. Like everyone else I have my favourite pavillions and others that I think are not worth visiting. Find here a video of the Danish Pavillion proposing a ring running from Copenhagen to the Swedish coast. The use of exististing infrastructures was remarkable, here's a short excerpt:

And here some of my favourite projects:

Lenght:105.05 m
Main Span: 74.05 m
Width of Structure: 2.26 m
Materials: steel, stainless steel,heartwood of larch, concrete, post-tensioned ground anchors, drilled micropiles.
"The bridge spans the river without obstructing the water. It does not endanger flying birds by undetectable ropes. The inclined struts, shortening the main span and lifting the walkway above high water level, correspond nicely to the overhanging trees along the riverbanks."

Aare bridge

Aare Bridge

Aare Bridge


Schmidt, Hammer, Lassen Architects

Aare Bridge


Cobe + Transform
(City of Copenhagen)

Aare Bridge


Philip Beesley
"Might Architecture Live, Feel and Care?"

Aare Bridge

This is my absolute new favourite example to the fear we face when creating with machines. Check out the real story of Doctor Who's theme on Johan Merrich's blog Electronic Girls.

This is the only way I found, so far, to get a decent grass rendering with Cinema4D: it's called Hair and it's a plug-in that renders every single strand of grass and calculates the shadows onto the grass itself. This is a detail of the San Francisco Botanical Garden Competition: enough with carpet-like renders or hours on Photoshop...